How do I become a Recommended Seller?

You complete the application here, then wait for us to get back to you. Allow at least 30 days to know if you have been approved.

Do you check every seller's auctions daily?

No, we do not have the resources to do this. Believe me, we hear about it when something looks wrong!

What if I get a fake from a Recommended Seller?

I recommend notifying me as soon as possible, if you believe you have received a fake. I will check the item you received to authenticate it and if a refund is due, the seller is responsible for issuing one promptly.

Where do the sellers get all their stuff to sell?

Different places. Some purchase directly from LV, some have friends or family that provide items for sale. Others get items from resale shops or on consignment.

I saw someone who said they were recommended by My Poupette, but they don't have a logo. Can I trust them?

Whether or not you can trust a seller depends on the seller's background/reputation. I am happy to render my opinion on sellers.

There are some other sellers on ebay who sell authentic LV, but they are not on your list. Why not?

They have not applied to become a Recommended Seller. You may feel free to recommend sellers you feel are deserving of endorsement.

How long can someone be a member of My Poupette?

Remember, we endorse sellers. They are not members. They will be endorsed for as long as they sell authentic LV and observe our Code of Ethics.

How do you know everybody on your list is legit?

We check the selling record of all Recommended Sellers, and get feedback from buyers. We also require positive identification. Short of sitting in their living rooms, there is not much else we can do. We rely on those who shop ebay to notify us of questionable items offered by MPRS's.

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